Friday, November 19, 2010

Early Architectural 'Globalization'

The powerful Medicis from Florence spread their taste in architecture throughout Europe for a couple of centuries.

Catherine de Medici in particular had a wonderful sense of urban planning and love of architecture.
You can find her influence in architectural styles and town planning from the south of France (in particular Aix en Provence) to as far away as Russia. Krakow, Poland is no exception. After viewing Ann at Rose et Lis's pictures and studies from her recent Italian travels I am inspired to post these taken in Krakow. Do visit Ann's blog to learn more about sgraffito in particular.


Ann said...

Aawww! Thanks so much!

During your last trip, you went to some wonderful cities. I've not been to most of them!

I have an idea- next time let's meet and between the 2 of us, we can photograph and publish a book! (Am I a dreamer or what?)


Concrete Jungle said...

Never say never! dreams can come true....stuff of life and all that!

quintessence said...

How fascinating!! They had their hand in everything. As members of the Money Changers guild they also controlled the money that payed for the art commissions! heading over to visit Ann.