Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back in Bangkok.......

Hostels certainly have changed since xxxx....(I can't admit to when I last stayed in one)
The honesty and integrity of this building's design is inspired!

Lub d in Bangkok looks so happy. A variety of room styles designed by designlab should offer something for every kind of youth traveller.
Discovered on via weheart.

Creative, fun design ....this would look great just about anywhere.
The hostel barracks of yester year seem to be well in the past!


Concept Interiors said...

fresh and fun, but is it a bit youth club ish?

Kellie Collis said...

It's pretty cute! Perfect for a family of tourists. Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx


Uh, have you ever really stayed in a hostel mom? LOL!

Concrete Jungle said...

Like I said it was long long ago....they were like caves in the early 70's!

Concrete Jungle said...

Michelle wrote .....I shared your Bangkok hostel post with a friend who then stayed there... according to her, the best hostel she's ever stayed in!

That's good news.