Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Beautiful Red Opens

People often think Phuket is just a vacation idyll....if not just that and you are living here you must be tucked away in tropical jungle surrounds or lucky enough to have a simple ocean side beach shack where you spend your time gazing at the beach front view as you write that novel you always knew was in you.
Perhaps this was the case at one point in time but, that is long ago.  This came home very clearly Friday evening when  Hafele opened their new design centre on what is known as the ByPass Rd that skirts Phuket town. In a word amazing! The opening party was beyond belief, well over 800 people were treated to an amazing spread of  food, drink and entertainment. The show room has everything
you could ever dream of in the way of plumbing hardware, kitchen hardware, door handles, locks etc.
As a designer it makes one drool and dream of all the wonderful projects still to be done!
Silly me didn't bring the the only party pics are iphone however from their site I am posting
some of the Design Centre, big, bold, brash and RED!

The best shoes of the night!

Looking forward to seeing what wonderful design shops join the Design Center, there are still fabulous spaces left to rent. If interested go here to find out more.

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