Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Phuket to London

That was the easy part...now for the return...a true challenge!
.... the airspace is now open again but when will things be back to normal?

I was planning to catch up on my blogging back in Phuket on my beloved mac, organize pictures, write brilliant posts etc.....my little baby Dell just doesn't have enough energy to accomplish all the bits it takes to have a fairly decent post(especially with my limited computer skills).......however it doesn't look like my mac and me will be united any time too so...

People here in London were and still are finding it hard to believe there is a problem in the skies. It usually snow, ice, rain and wind creating havoc with flying but, as you can see the skies are clear and calm. Londoners are lolling in the parks with picnics, blossoms are exploding from the ground up....there are certainly worse places to be 'stuck!'

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