Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's the design?

Looks like it is just right here in my house at the moment...last week this sweet baby was rescued on the highway by son David as he headed off surfing in Indo....lucky for he and me he did find a home for the sweetie before he left but, I had to nurse her for a week...in the nick of time her owners picked her up...we were getting way too attached. Look at the perfect balance in markings - mother nature is still the best designer! I should have had her on turquoise to really make her designer 2010.

Then this morning look what was in the livingroom...poor thing couldn't wait to head out....cool and dry inside I guess; normally with my pup count they head the other way. Such a pretty head....real design....the markings around its eyes would put most make-up artists to shame!


AB HOME Interiors said...

Holy jesus! I would die if that snake came out from under my cabinets. But that puppy is oh so CUTE!

Anonymous said...

PUPPY!!! Are you sure we can't have just one more?