Saturday, February 6, 2010

Razzle Dazzel - Thank you Jeff Koons

Remember my Upstairs/ Downstairs post that included Jeff Koon's fabulous exterior design for the yacht Guilty? Well, Mr. Koons did say he took the idea from camouflage on ships during  World War ?( I always assumed it must be II, the Royal Navy would never have been so advanced  in WW I ....wrong again...)

Dazzel Camouflage was developed by Norman Wilkinson a British Artist and naval officer, wow was he ahead artistically by a few generations. I'm wondering if he should be the grandfather of Op Art as well, did Bridget Rielly see these?!

Although these pictures are not in colour there was a few remaining drawings so the photo could be coloured to show the true effect.  The designs were very effective in the wavy seas in confusing the enemy. Apparently in this era of sea warfare,  methods of targeting were still fairly basic. The sailors had to determine the ships speed and direction and then launch the torpedo to where they thought the ship would be after the torpedo was ejected. The dazzle design made it hard to tell which way the ship was headed, how big it was, type etc. This was a very simple, fast and cost effective method that turned out some fabulous designs! It's a shame we can't see them all in their glorious colours.

I 'd like to thank Mr. Koon's and Mr. Joannau for the mini revival of Razzel Dazzel!

Photos via Twisted Sifter

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