Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A little less Blogging and a little more Gardening

Here in Phuket things really GROW! The gardens do require some real attention and layering of plants to become very effective. I must get to it.

My garden needs real work. The other day Puss Puss seemed particularly intrigued by the bird bath.. look what she was watching! Apparently this is know as an Ornate Flying Snake, Golden Tree Snake or Chrysopelea. Actually it glides rather than flies, using ridge scales along it's belly it pushes against rough bark surfaces, this old Victorian styled bird bath base was ideal for it to climb. It can reach lengths of up to 4 feet, ummmm time to start clearing and replanting.

My garden colours are coordinated but other than that we really need to spend some time on it. This week we did finally manage to get the back pool fountain working though...progress!

However these water lilies nabbed out of a local pond up the road are amazing.

Some flowers just will grow.... the blush of pink on these orchids is fabulous.


Michelle said...

Getting the hang of your camera, eh? Nice shot of that snake!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is beautiful. I'm so jealous.

French-Kissed said...

Forgive me as I have been away too long...just spent some time getting caught up on all of your fabulous posts. So refreshing here! and your garden is just amazing. ~jermaine~