Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Phuket Paris Home Exchanging

We have had great success in exchanging our homes in traveling the globe. There is a great thrill to not be handed a whopping bill as you leave your vacation spot, especially when you have a group of your darlings with you. People usually ask, What about your stuff ? Well, anything that is irreplaceable you simply put away.

The only issue I have ever had is in styles of housekeeping, I tend to fuss about and leave a very clean house, spots ready in the closets for guests to hang clothes etc., ...while some cultures are lovely and relaxed and seemingly just waltz out the door in a quite a rush. You simply have to get over it...

The one thing I must confess when I get to the exchange I sometimes rearrange furniture if it isn't hard to move back. I have had exchangers suggest it's much better and ask me to leave it...I hope they aren't just being polite! Last year we had a super little spot in the 7th, lovely light and generally sparsely furnished it was fun to move things about and take some fun shots!

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