Monday, January 25, 2010

Endless possibilities - a clever new idea!

Picked this up on Urban Daddy, have a look, I think this is genius for the designer or just about anyone!
Check out Lamp in a Box fun for all of you who are snowed in or not. umm... now I need new lamp shades in the green room...the lavender bedroom etc....


Simply upload your artwork and you'll receive a custom built lamp with your graphics on the shade.

First, download the kit containing a template for your artwork.

When you are finished, upload the file and purchase the DESIGN IT YOURSELF lamp. Note: Upload will not be complete until after check out.

After you upload and check out, we create your lamp, which you will receive in 4-6 weeks.
 Base choices:

21" Tall X 7" Wide

Custom Shade: $59.00
Brushed Nickel Lamp
 Base: $34.00
Complete Lamp: $89.00
(Click to see the box!)

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