Thursday, December 31, 2009

Planning Ahead

Just an idea........

Morning After Thrill

Surefire Hangover Remedies

Bartender, Make It a Double
Our favorite hair-of-the-dog remedy is a variation on the bloody Mary: Swap vodka for a light beer (we prefer Corona) and you have a bloody beer. Keep the vodka and add an egg, it’s a red eye. (Visine optional.)
On the Rocks
You prefer your poison over ice, but when you wake up feeling like a ship that hit an iceberg, take a cold plunge. Whether it’s in Lake Tahoe or on Ocean Beach, the shock to your system will refresh your senses. Down a gallon of water infused with Emergen-C and you’ll be riding the waves in no time.
Pizza and Mexican with a side of fries? Yum. But what you should be blending in your tummy is a banana shake. A potassium-rich smoothie will hydrate your body and coat your stomach faster than you can reach for the Pepto. Plus, the magnesium alleviates that throbbing headache.
Shaken, Not Stirred
After a nap, head to the gym or, if you’re feeling ballsy, aBikram yoga class. Sweating out the booze and stimulating your circulation is a surefire detox. You may spend the 90-minute class plotting our death, but we promise you’ll thank us afterward.
(from Daily Candy San Francisco)

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