Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

One of the lovely things about Christmas decorating for me is rediscovering the ornaments and remembering who, where and why? The memories are lovely ones of children, friends and travel.

The big golden ball hand painted in the style of Miro is the remainder of  a trio purchased in Krakow, Poland one year traveling with a great and dear decorator friend. Unfortunately darling twin boys  of eleven managed to finish off the other two, so this one is very special now!

My six little white dogs purchased in Paris  during a Christmas house exchange in the City of Lights five years ago.  It looks like Paris may have a lovely white Xmas this year, pure magic!

This little fellow should be about twenty-five about now. When the children were young I tried to purchase an ornament or two each year for them to have later when they were settled. Each married
daughter have their little collection however this belongs to eldest son Dave. He's off searching for surf this Christmas.

Little antique styled houses, wooden painted ornaments come from  the the years in Victoria B.C.,
when we lived in a big tudor styled house. I used to spend a week decorating with boughs and trees.
The gorgeous blue glass ball in the centre was a gift  from my next door neighbour who off on a conference in Colorado brought 4 back for me. This was the super mum era when we had small children, full time jobs and DID Christmas! I still remember the scratches and rashes on our arms from tying cedar boughs and holly on our stairways. These fabulous sky blue decorations were picked to go with our dining room that had a gorgeous big fireplace with blue surround. I have treasured them now for over twenty five did that happen? Golden tassels and garlands of beads come from the era of Christmases at the ski area. I used to hand them from the chandelier. The Christmas decorating years in Phuket seem to have lightened the decoration colour pallet considerably..... it must be the weather!

This year I have two small trees, one white, one traditional green, they are both heavily loaded with decorations as my big faux tree died after  almost ten full years of service. This technique of decorating hides the 'mummified' look the tree has at the beginning when lighting wires seem to be everywhere.

This hand embroidered ornament was made for my eldest daughter by her god mother over thirty years ago. There is a set of six and I really can't imagine the time and work she put into them. Sadly we have lost touch over the years as we all traveled and moved around the globe. We went to design school together and it would be great fun to catch up.

These darling handmade hobby horses I have had over thirty years too, made by a friend and neighbour from our early married years in Banff, Alberta I wonder if Pat still has hers?

I Here is the first faux tree we ever purchased being in the tropics. Ten years of fine service. Above is last year, which looks great if you are not too close...below is the tree's first year.
Next one MUST have lights attached!

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