Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's real 'Thai Style'

Personalizing  the exterior of your home "Thai style". This is a very typical little development here in Phuket. This one the way to The Oasis houses, like this range around 3 million THB. It does make me smile how people like to make their isn't  good design but I bet it is good for the soul. To watch how hard people work to personalize their exteriors is amazing.

This is the basic model:   (Somehow not quite like the chi chi houses on most design blogs)

The garage area filled in for extra interior space and the exterior painted a VERY sunny yellow.

Here they went for a more classic decorative motif added in paint to the entry and carport columns.

Next door a multihued canopy soft tangerines and rusty brown accents...where do these schemes evolve from?

This homeowner has worked particularly hard with his multi - coloured paint scheme, window sizes and additions. 'Tis all a bit crazy but this does make me smile as we head by. Of course in very Western style developing, The Oasis is planted so the houses disappear behind walls of vegetation however the original paint scheme of all white is not allowed to be tampered with unless the homeowners group all agree. It does maintain the design integrity but I sometimes wonder just a little bit what would happen if all the owners were to let loose!

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