Sunday, November 1, 2009

Red Dot Design Winner - Breathing Chair

I am wondering how Kelly Wearstler would use this chair? I'm imagining a hotel lobby sprinkled with 'Breathing Chairs'. Vincent Wolf should perhaps consider a new addition to his chair collection, while some of Axel Vervoordt's style  could perhaps dare I say it, be just a little edgier with this sculptural addition. The breathing chair is designed by Yu - Ying Wu of Tawain. Yu has just been awarded a "Red Dot Design Award" for home furniture. She is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at Tatung University in Taiwan. Some have likened it to a square of Tofu. I hope she finds a manufacturing partner soon.

The hollow "breathing chair" is square

The "breathing chair" is square when unoccupied.

The "breathing chair" can "transform" into an armchair suitable for sitting on

The "breathing chair" becomes an armchair when a person sits on it. It adjusts to size.

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