Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Luxurious hotels in Phuket

So, finally, I am getting to some tropical hotel design right here in Phuket. We are spoiled with a plethora of some quite fabulous design here on the island.  Starting with three of my favorites...

Arguably the grandaddy of chic, smart, elegant Thai styled design is the Amanpuri [photo by Pasci_vaut and Wenn1].  It was the first resort in the Aman chain. Built in the 'Mock Wat' style it was the peak of chic in 1988.   However it is  still very much a classic and the service is superb. The  abundant use of wood through the decor is alludes to earlier days of the colonial plantation style, adopted by worldly Thais when travelling. Thailand has never been colonized by a foreign power. The midnight blue pools at the resort started a rage throughout the island copied by many developers. While lovely calm and serene in design it is no longer edgy in style and the maintenance bills must be something.



Another favorite of mine demonstrating the transitioning design styles of hotels on the island in the past ten years is Twin Palms Resort and Spa. Just down the road from the Amanpuri on Surin beach, Twin Palms was opened 5 years ago. The owners took the best of the new contemporary asian design ethos and blended it with tradition, more white, less wood. [Photos by Lisa Stegall]




Darling daughter #1 had her wedding at Twin Palms.

One of the newest resorts to open on the island is Sala Resort and Spa. Gorgeous clean contemporary architecture is a radical departure now from the Aman style. [All photos from Sala]

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