Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ultimate Planning/Dream on!

In an ideal world dear husband, puppies and I would move onto a barge in somewhere in Europe and still maintain a smaller base here in Phuket. Phuket City is full of fabulous shophouses just like this one in Singapore. This fabulous reno is pretty much perfection, discovered at Furniture Fashion by darling daughter Chrissy for me.

All pictures via Furniture Fashion by John. This Singapore home remodelling project was submitted by Ong & Ong Architects showcasing their work on the 55 Blair Road property. The design team consisted of Diego Molina, Maria Arango and Camilo Peleaz. In the example they provided wonderful pictures taken by Derek Swalwell to provide details from each room.

Hold your breath as you step through the front doors!

Pretty much perfection

Calming restraint

Fabulous Day

Fabulous Night

Love the little break-away with pops of red

I'm not sure I'm ready to cover all my book jackets in white but it does look wonderful

The perfect view from one's computer

ah..... to soak and dream

Baths of perfection

What else do you need?...... Heaven on Earth!
(well, maybe a barge too)

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